This subtle flavor candy crunch corn is delicious on its own, but also mixes well with other flavors.   Salt water taffy is always a hit in wedding or party mixes.  Gender reveal?  This might be your "boy".  


Small     3 Cups

Medium 6 Cups

Large   10 Cups

Salt Water Taffy

  • Our popcorn stays crisp and fresh longer than your stanadard store-bought popcorn. 


    Our unque dry popping and flavoring process keeps the moisture from settling into the kernals, extdneding its longevity.  When stored in a dry and airtight environement our popcorn stays fresh for a couple of months. 


    That  makes our popcorn perfect for shipping, stocking-up, and gift giving!   


    Produced in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, and dairy.