Each Popcorn Sampler box include 3 of our top selling Premiuns, Candys and Savory


Premiun                          Candy                               Savory

Blueberry Muffin              Rainbow Mix                     Cheddar Cheese

Simple Treasures            Caramel                            Cool Ranch Dorito

Lucky Charms                Cotton Candy                    Loaded Baked Potato


Each bag is 1-1/2 Cups



Popcorn Sampler Box

  • Our popcorn stays crisp and fresh longer than your stanadard store-bought popcorn. 


    Our unque dry popping and flavoring process keeps the moisture from settling into the kernals, extdneding its longevity.  When stored in a dry and airtight environement our popcorn stays fresh for a couple of months. 


    That  makes our popcorn perfect for shipping, stocking-up, and gift giving!   


    Produced in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, and dairy.

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